김인태 Intae Kim

1996 뉴욕 시립대학교 브룩클린 칼리지 대학원 졸업 (MFA), 미국
1991 홍익대학교 대학원 조각과 졸업
1989 홍익대학교 조소과 졸업

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2010 서화 갤러리, 서울
2008 진화랑, 서울
2006 수평선 갤러리, 요코하마, 일본
2005 웅 갤러리, 서울

Selected Group Exhibitions
2011 "Dream", Pink Gallery, 서울
2010 “Art Sydney 2010",Royal Hall of Industries, Sydney, Australia
2010 “The Gate",Boutique Monaco Museum, 서울
2010 “We Believe HAITI", 평창동 서울옥션 스페이스, 서울
2009 “코리안 팝”, 인사미술제 특별전, 인사아트센타, 서울
2009 “KIAF 한국국제아트페어”, COEX, 서울

일산원당 삼성래미안, 대구성당동 삼성래미안, 수원매탄동 코오롱 하늘채, 고양시풍동 서울주택공사, 국립현대미술관(미술은행), 화성태안 대우푸르지오, 기흥 5블럭 코오롱 하늘채, 을숙도 조각공원, 삼산 인천주택공사, 일산레이크폴리스 Ⅲ 코오롱, 안성 조각공원, 도자기엑스포 조각공원, 신영통 현대타운, 안산 아침이슬 아파트, 부천 종합시민회관

Recently I found the art magazine in terms of the agony of the artist living today. Quarter cutting art magazine with the Cross combined. This Super-Capitalism which seems to feature consumers and investors only.... Even artists therein who are not aware that their flesh is being rotten because they are addicted in the 'flower card' game with the art that is struggling, being twitched under the logic of market... Therefore paradoxically I start to put cross which is icon of Religion, on grinding art magazine. On the other hand, the combination of Mao Zedong, dollar image ($) may well be understood in the same context. Apotheosis or the theme of this event implies such discrepancy some times and such antinomy at other times. It is a pitiable praise of the people (primarily the artists and the likes) who are being driven around in group by the stupid worship of an idol agreed to tacitly or the swirl from either Tsunami or Typhoon.

사과모자상 Apple Mother and Child, Stainless Stee, Fiberglass, 2008

Book II, 인쇄종이 Grinding drawing, art magazine, each 21.5×32×6cm, 2011


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